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China has become the fastest growing economy in the world. As a result, a tremendous amount of business opportunities have been and are being created. However, for any foreign companies to do business successfully in China, one must learn its culture and the market.

The challenge of learning to speak Chinese fluently, the complexities of the Chinese way of doing business, and a strong sense of national pride mean that a foreigner will only extremely rarely be accepted by Chinese interlocutors on equal terms. The solution is to find a reliable Chinese ally to work with you.

"An effective Chinese colleague will often be able to analyze body language at meetings, determine who in the other negotiating team holds real power - not always the boss - and help smooth out any inadvertent wrinkles."

From Chinese Business, Culture Golden Hints for Doing Business in China (in British English) from the British Embassy in Beijing.

Global Bridge is the effective, reliable Chinese business ally you are looking for. We have an extensive network in government agencies, and the Science, Technology, Arts and Culture, Construction and Architecture, Medical field, Industry and Agriculture sectors in China.

Our staff are fluent in both English and Chinese and very familiar with Western and the Chinese culture.

Global Bridge provides the following business services:

  • Source reputable and reliable manufacturers in China
  • Source and Import products from China.
  • Assist North American companies in registering representative offices and branch offices in China
  • Assit North American companies in setting up joint venture partnerships and wholly owned foreign enterprises in China
  • Source reputable and reliable business partners and sales distributors in China
  • Arrange business meetings/negotiations with (potential) partners in China
  • Arrange business investigation trips to China, including hotel rooms, transportation, sightseeing and shopping
  • Arrange demos, press briefings or news conferences in China for clients’ products and services
  • Oral interpretation and guide services for all the visitors to China.
  • Premium translation services


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